HomeAndGarden.UK Pack of 50 Galanthus Nivalis Snowdrop Spring Flowering Garden Bulbs

Nivalis (snowdrop) single flower bulk pack of 50 bulbs. Spring flowering garden bulbs. Flowers very early (January to February). Single flowers 2.5cms long on 15cm stalks. Can be grown outside or in pots for inside flowering. We sell good sized bulbs about 5-6cms in diameter that will flower and thrive in the first year. If comparing prices please compare similar sized bulbs as smaller cheaper bulbs will not perform as well. Available in 10, 25 or 50 bulb pack. Growing Snowdrops: Snowdrops will grow in any moist soil in a shady position. Plant in September to October as soon as you buy the bulbs, they do not perform well if left to dry out before planting. Plant about 10cms deep and 10cms apart. They can be propagated by lifting clumps after flowering but while the leaves are still green, and re planting immediately afterwards. They can be planted in pots for the patio. If planting in pots for indoor use, choose a terracotta pot with compost and plant the bulbs about 4cms deep and 4cms apart. Leave them outside until the flower buds begin to show then bring them inside and place in a cool shady spot for a couple of days before putting them in the desired position.

Pack of 50 Galanthus Nivalis Single Snowdrop bulbs – spring flowering garden bulbs to plant in the Autumn for an abundance of colour in the Spring.
Flowers very early from January to February. Single white flowers 2.5cm long.
Will grow to 15cms approximately. Quality bulbs of approx 5-6cms in diameter.
Available in packs of 10, 25 or 50, subject to availability. Can be grown outside, or in pots for inside flowering.
If comparing prices please compare like sized bulbs, as smaller sized bulbs are cheaper but will not perform so well.